Hershey’s Camp Bondfire: Evening of S’mores

This summer I participated in HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE. I was asked by Hershey’s if I like making memories with my family. And do I like chocolate. (I prefer the latter more, actually, but luckily, no one asked!)

I will be very honest here. I had to replace my S’mores supplies twice. Someone (definitely NOT my husband, according to my husband) kept sampling the ingredients to our favorite treat before we even left on vacation.

Once I finally packed the goods, hidden sufficiently from “someone,” we hit the road for the North Fork of Long Island. We invited good friends to come visit for “barbecue and S’mores” – summer in a single phrase.

The kids barely lasted through dinner before the whining and asking for their chocolate sandwiches began. (And by “kids,” I definitely may be including my husband.)

The evening, as summer evenings should be, was warm, and barely noticeably slipping slowly to darkness as we finished our burgers and chicken and hot dogs. The kids ran after each other and fireflies – and we screamed at them to avoid the hot grill as they kicked a soccer ball and chased bubbles. We allowed the kids to hold the marshmallow skewers – as long as they promised to save some for my husband.

The five little ones had a great time putting together yummy gooey-ness with melting milk chocolate and crunchy grahams. We moms and dads loved the messy faces and hands, the full tummies from an evening of summer food, and the red faces from sweaty outdoor play.

These memories are the reason we vacation with our children. Not for the relaxation or the suntans or the scenery. It is most certainly the memories of first ocean swims, late bedtimes, and sandy bathing suits that makes us do this. I know there is a trade-off to family travel–the costs, the stress, the packing, and the disastrous disruptions to sleep routines. But out of nowhere we could predict, always, the sweet and silly moments of childhood are made. Similarly, our S’mores evening ended with such a memory – the children’s games were derailed by the discovery and careful observation of a giant beetle making its way through the long grass under the picnic table.

You can find other S’mores fanatics and chocolate-loving families on Facebook.

This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign.

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