6 Tips for Working Moms: Balancing Motherhood and a Career

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Being a mom can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a person’s life, but it can be difficult to balance everything around it without losing yourself. Maintaining who you are and still being a good mom isn’t impossible, thousands of working moms do it every day. If you’re struggling with the balance of motherhood and your career, maybe this article can give you a few ideas to aid your endeavors.

1. Set a Routine, Prioritize Your Tasks

This is sometimes easier said than done, but creating a simple morning routine and sticking to it can help relieve a lot of stress, for you and the children. Perhaps prepping things the night before could be of use, then ensuring you and your kids are fed in the morning can keep you fueled for the day ahead.

This can help with prioritizing because less time will be spent worry about what to do when you get up, you can then set up your needed tasks for that particular day. Keeping this list between three and four things, then doing your best to accomplish them, can hold at bay any overwhelmed feelings that creep up.

2. Work Efficiently, Both You and Your Children

Putting together a work schedule and sticking to it is paramount to keeping your time throughout the day efficient. It can be tempting to zone out on social media but do your best to resist. Your kids might need some help with their own structure as well, and ways that can become less of a chore could be through an online school agenda. Keeping information clear and concise can ensure both your day and your children’s days are organized and engaging.

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3. Be Present in Your Children’s Lives

It might seem like it goes without saying, but the need for bonding between kids and their parents is something that is not to be overlooked. You may get very little time to spend with your children or even your partner, so making the most of it is an incredibly significant thing to keep in the front of your mind.

4. Stay Connected to Your Kids

Whether it’s keeping in communication via devices or using your morning commute to interact with them, always stay connected and open with your children. The age of your children might make the commute-time conversation less enthusiastic than you might like, but it’s still important to try.

If you’re on a break at work and are able to do so with your child’s school or care, give them a call. They’ll end up appreciating you reaching out in the long run, maybe even deriving comfort from being able to hear your voice during the day.

5. Make Time to Create Family Activities

Creating time for your family is extremely important, using time off on the weekends to do some kind of activity with your kids will create a healthy and trusting environment. Meeting the emotional needs of your children is just as important as meeting their physical needs, and it’ll benefit them for the rest of their lives. Don’t overextend yourself, but ensure you make time for more focus on your family during days off.

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6. Don’t Leave Behind Your Own Self-Care

Your career is important, your kids are important, but it can be easy to forget that you are important too. Getting sufficient sleep, making time for self-care, and learning to say “no” when you need to are all ways you can ensure you have the energy you need to create a balanced life where everyone is happy. Don’t bog yourself down with guilt about what you can’t do, and focus on what you can. If you run yourself ragged, you’ll have little time or energy for motherhood or your career.

So What Do You Think?

Motherhood and pursuing a career are both rewarding experiences with the right balance, especially when you prioritize what matters most to you in life. Your kids will see your organizational skills and be able to learn from your example, as well as deriving their own determination in life from seeing mom accomplish it all. You don’t want to neglect either, but remember not to neglect yourself.

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