Black Thursday?

By Sarah E. Visbeek, author of In the Trenches of Mommyhood

When the news starting breaking that some stores planned to open earlier than ever for this year’s Black Friday, I was stunned. I mean, midnight isn’t early enough?

With a midnight opening, there are those who stand in line for HOURS upon HOURS to be one of the first to get their hands on the season’s “hottest” item.

Can you imagine if a store were to open on Thanksgiving night at 10pm instead?

That means people standing in line even earlier.

What happened to Thanksgiving being about family? About togetherness? About counting our blessings? About the WINE and the GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE?

Nowadays, it’s simply all about greed.

The greed of the CEOs who sit in their cushy penthouse offices and decree that their stores shall open even earlier. But what about their minimum wage employees who are required to work? Don’t you think they would like to spend time with their families instead of having to schlep to work before their turkey even digests?

And what about the consumers? Yes, this economy is crappy. But must we be suckered and lured into believing that if we DON’T shop as soon as the stores open on Black Thursday/Friday, that lo and behold, all the merchandise will be GONE and NO deals will be had?! Please.

[Thankfully, where I live, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has Blue Laws that disallow stores to open on Thanksgiving. Thus, no stores will be open here before midnight.]

You know what? Cyber Monday is beginning to look better and better…


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