Munchkin Step Pail is the Best on the Market

As a mom of an eleven month old, I have a lot of experience changing diapers. I have heard a few different statistics, but new parents can expect to change approximately 3,000 diapers in the first year.  And we all know that a large percentage of those will smell pretty gross!

I am so thrilled to have learned recently about Munchkin’s Step Pail. This diaper pail is so amazing for many reasons.

The partnership they have with Arm and Hammer makes the pail number one in odor control in the industry.  Beyond the amazing ability the pail has to hide the odor, it is also a “feel-good” product as the company plants a tree for every pail purchased.

It is very convenient in that it self seals and fits both rings and snap, seal and toss bags.  And finally, the out-of-reach child locking system keeps  exploring little babies safe from breaking in!

This post is sponsored by Munchkin.

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