Welcome to the new Mommybites!

Babybites is now Mommybites! 

We know how wonderful yet stressful it is to be a parent. We know that sometimes you need a place where you can have access to quality parenting advice from experts and from fellow moms. We know that some moms like reading advice via blogs, while others prefer watching parenting videos and parenting webinars and others still prefer listening to parenting advice on the radio and via tele-classes (and some moms like all of the above!).

We also know that some moms are just looking to connect with other moms. That’s why we created Mommybites! Mommybites is the go to place for quality support, resources and education.

After six years of growing with you and your babies/kiddies, we decided it was time to also grow as a company to accommodate everyone in our mom community. We have expanded our website to offer support, education and resources on a national basis. Don’t worry, we still provide all of your favorite events, support groups and online education; but now, with our spiffy new look it is a lot easier to find the information and services most relevant to you.

Take a moment to look around and here is great place to start with a short two-minute tour of the site.

So what are you waiting for? Join our community now – it’s free and it’s a great way to meet other cool moms and be supported on your parenting journey.