Are you beginning to realize why this stage has affectionately been coined, “The terrible twos (or even ones!)”? As cute as toddlers are, do you sometimes feel like living in Boston with a toddler has its unique set of challenges? The good news is on our national blog you’ll find information on how to “speak” toddler, calmly deal with tantrums, potty training, bed time routines, healthy eating, separation anxiety, language development, here you’ll find essentials tips on how on raising a toddler in the Boston area!

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Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Baby teeth start appearing as early as 3-4 months of age, but they really start to erupt through the gums between the ages of 6 months to one year. The timing of eruption generally varies but all 20 primary teeth (baby teeth) usually erupt by the age of three. Baby teeth are important even though... read more

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The Art of Creativity

How many of us have squelched a child’s creativity without even realizing it? Many times, when we see our kids approaching something differently than we do, we want to change their way of thinking. But fostering our child’s courage to express their creativity is perhaps one of the most... read more