Chit Chat: Peggy Economou, Founder of Teat & Cosset

Chit Chat: Peggy Economou, Founder of Teat & Cosset

Peggy Economou tell us a little about you…
I’m the founder of Teat & Cosset, a clothing brand to help women transition to motherhood. I’m originally from NYC but now live with my daughter and husband in Tuscany. I used to work in banking but after 8 years I decided to quit and travel the world. I met my husband during my travels and decided to move to Italy permanently.

I always knew I wanted to start my own business, but for a few years I couldn’t come up with a valid idea. My “aha” moment came after my daughter was born. I was inspired to create Teat & Cosset while fumbling with my pajama buttons one night as my daughter wailed waiting to be fed. I’m finally doing something I love – designing clothing to help moms feel beautiful and to make their breastfeeding journeys easier.

What or who inspires you
Peggy Economou, Founder of Teat & Cosset with her child

Positive and upbeat people. Other entrepreneurs whose stories and struggles remind me I’m not alone.

Best piece of parenting advice
Peggy Economou with her newborn baby and a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt

Every single day is different when you become a mother, starting from day 1. When you’re having a bad day chances are the next day will be better.
Worst parenting advice
Peggy Economou with her newborn baby and a teddy bear

To not let my child cry. Crying is a part of life and growing up.
Favorite TV Shows, books, food
Peggy Economou on the beach

TV shows are something I truly miss living in Italy. The TV here is TERRIBLE. Thank goodness for Netflix. I loved The Americans and my husband and I recently finished watching The Get Down. I also love the NPR podcast “How I Built This,” that interviews entrepreneurs and how they built their companies.

As for books, I learned a lot from Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-commitment by Gay Hendricks. It helps you realize how important communication is between a couple and how our communication styles are often different from our partners.

And the book that changed my life was The Artist’s Way. She recommends writing 3 pages every morning as soon as you wake up and after months of writing one day I wrote the words, “I’m going to quit my job and travel” with complete conviction and knew there was no turning back.
Parenting books most recommend to parent
Peggy Economou

No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury. I read it when my daughter was 6 months old and I think it’s time I pick it up again now that she is going through her toddler stage. It explains what is going on in our child’s head and how they’re feeling, so when your child has a tantrum or misbehaves you understand why and your approach totally changes. I also found Bringing up Bebe entertaining and inspiring. It’s about an American mom living in France and how allowing children freedom within set boundaries is key.
Fave parenting products

My favorite products after my daughter was born were from Boon. I loved their dispensing spoon for fruit or veggies. People in Italy marveled when they saw me use it. You have no idea how many, “What is that??” I got. And the design is great too. My Philips baby food steamer and blender were a life saver when preparing my baby’s meals during weaning. Something I still use today is Aden & Anais swaddle blankets – I actually don’t think I ever used them to swaddle Dafne, but I used them for everything else, as a blanket, a changing mat, a burp cloth, etc.
Whats up next for you professionally
To make Teat & Cosset a recognizable and respected brand for mothers worldwide.

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