Mommas, Find Your Passion!

When we have kids everything changes, often including our careers and ambitions. Aftertwo kids, I no longer wanted to practice law. Even though leaving my job caused an economic shift in our family, after running the Brooklyn chapter of Mommybites for a few years I realized that I could combine my two greatest passions– motherhood and fitness—to start a fitness business of my own. Move It Momma was born.

Last week, I starred in my first-ever fitness video for a national website. The filming was hard and totally outside my comfort zone, but I did it, and according to the 30+ people on the film crew, I did it well. If you had told me years ago – as I was writing a summary judgment motion at 7 PM while my nanny was putting my kids to bed – that I’d be starring in fitness videos (and getting to put my kids to bed), I wouldn’t have believed you.

So many of us struggle with what to do with our lives once we become moms, so I wanted to share my story to inspire those of you who are considering making a career change. Find your passion. You never know where it will take you.


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