5 Mistakes New Moms-To-Be Make During Pregnancy

If one thing is true, it’s that being a new mom-to-be is one of the most overwhelming periods in your life, and you’re bound to make some mistakes along the way. The good news is, you won’t be the first person to mess up. Take note of these five common mistakes women make during their first pregnancy so you can have a healthy pregnancy.

How to Get Back into Shape After Your Pregnancy

You’ve just given birth to your beautiful baby. Things are both chaotic and wonderful, but you have very little chance to take care of you. Getting sleep feels like a luxury, let alone finding time to exercise!! And yet, your body has changed, and it would be wonderful to work on how to get back into shape after your pregnancy.

What is a Balanced Diet for Kids?

If you are to ask children what they should be eating, many will say things like pizza, fast food or other foods that they enjoy eating (but aren’t so healthy). And can you blame them? I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate that melts in your mouth or a delicious burger? You want to instill good eating habits so they can grow up and understand what foods are good for them, and what sorts of foods aren’t.

Life Lessons Kids Can Learn From Sports

Sports, for their own sake, are terrific. The simple physicality of throwing yourself into something with reckless abandon, being faster and stronger, jumping higher is part of our DNA. Virtually every game, every practice, every postgame snack line or sandlot smackdown presents an opportunity to learn, grow and mature.

Outdoor Activities for Children and Grandparents

Nothing’s more fun than spending time in nature during the spring and summer months. What better way to get extended family to bond with each other than soaking up some sunshine and reaping the benefits of being outside?

An added benefit of outdoor activities with your grandchildren is that most of them cost very little or are free to do. When was the last time you paid to lay on your back in the grass and do some cloud gazing? Read on to learn more about possible ideas for grandparents to explore the outdoors with their grandchildren.