5 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Children

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One of the latest fads in the health community is including coconut oil in your diet. It rose in popularity alongside the keto diet, since it’s high in natural fats that can help with weight loss when taken correctly.

It’s led many people to wonder if kids can enjoy the same benefits of coconut oil or if they have to wait until they’re older. After living on diets filled with boxed mac and cheese, processed chicken nuggets and chemically-based sodas, it’d be good for kids to add some healthy food to their lives.

Read on to learn five amazing health benefits of coconut oil for children.

They can start eating it today. Include a little in desserts, treats or meals, so your kids enjoy it just as much as you do. Start slowly to introduce the taste and smell to your kids, and they’ll quickly learn to love eating it every day.

1. It Strengthens Immune Systems

People who maintain healthy diets don’t get sick as often as people who eat unhealthy foods. Part of that may be the way their lifestyles are structured, but it’s also directly related to the way they eat.

Anyone who adds even a teaspoon of coconut oil to their diet every day benefits from the acids that strengthen their immune system. Coconut oil contains lauric and caprylic acid, which fight off bacteria and viruses that would otherwise wreak havoc.

2. Coconut Oil for Hair: It Helps Dandruff

Anyone can struggle with dandruff, especially kids, on an improper diet. Poor nutrition can cause skin cells to dry on the top of their heads and itch, but coconut oil will help.

Studies have shown that coconut oil decreases symptoms of eczema as well as dandruff. It nourishes the scalp when used alongside shampoo and conditioner, banishing dry skin and dry hair.

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3. It Regulates the Metabolism

When you think of coconut oil, you might picture it in weight loss recipes. It’s what people talk about the most, which is also helpful for kids. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, also known as MCT oil. It’s processed more easily by the body and speeds up the metabolism as a result after the liver digests it.

Some kids struggle with their metabolism until they hit puberty, which doesn’t always help either. Kids with naturally slower metabolisms will get a big boost from just a little bit of coconut oil, without needing to add in extreme exercise routines or special diets.

4. It Heals and Protects Cells

Kids go through rapid growth spurts until puberty finishes, which means their cells are constantly growing along with them. It doesn’t hurt to give them a little added protection by sneaking coconut oil into their morning milk or oatmeal. Just a tiny bit aids cellular regeneration and healing, helping kids grow on a cellular level.

5. It Prevents Diabetes

Today’s society produces mass quantities of food, mostly based around sugar as a key ingredient. It’s part of the reason why diabetes is a widespread problem, particularly among kids. If your child starts eating small amounts of coconut oil on a daily basis, the oil prevents both types of diabetes by regulating insulin sensitivity. This might be the most significant health benefit for kids who come from a family where diabetes is common.

Start Things Slowly

Most children don’t like the idea of trying new foods because they only want more of what they already enjoy. Introduce them to small amounts of coconut oil at a time in foods they won’t even notice it in. Mix it into oatmeal, soups and gravy to start seeing the positive benefits that kids receive when they eat coconut oil on a regular basis. And if your kids don’t enjoy the coconut taste or flavor, pick up a bottle of refined coconut oil that will slip by unnoticed.

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