5 Life-Changing Nutrition Tips for New Moms

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Food is an essential thing to think about before, during and after pregnancy. You want to make sure your nutrition is optimal for conceiving and then aiding in the growth of your baby. After you give birth, you may want to stop focusing on the science behind your food, but you could miss out on crucial benefits. 

After you give yourself a few weeks to recover and enjoy casseroles brought over by friends and family, it’s time to learn how the right diet could help you and your baby. You don’t need to worry about counting calories or snacking on only plant-based foods to feel like yourself again. 

Read about these five life-changing nutrition tips for new moms that may help you find what you’re looking for. Any mom can use these easy tips to eat what your body needs and get back to enjoying time with your baby. 

1. Protein Fuels Recovery 

Even though you might only journey from your bed to the couch and back again, you’re burning through calories like crazy. Your cells need tons of energy for milk production and healing, which won’t go away even after you feel fully recovered. 

It’s tempting to fight your constant hunger with French fries and mac and cheese, but make sure to eat lots of protein. Protein gives your metabolism something to break down, which results in long-term energy. That promotes tissue repair, so get your protein in with meats and shakes alongside your creamy or fried foods. 

2. Veggies Maintain Blood Pressure 

Expectant mothers know if they experience symptoms of high blood pressure, they need to see the doctor immediately. What you may not know is that blood pressure continues to be a threat after you get home from the hospital, but you can fight it with veggies alongside any prescribed medicine.  

Vegetables like spinach and peas contain potassium, which prevents high blood pressure if eaten regularly. Enjoy your veggies in different recipes, and if you’re wondering when you can share the delicious food with your baby, wait to puree it until they’re at least six to eight months old. 

3. Balance Creates Harmony 

Pregnancy cravings sometimes create funny memories you can laugh about with friends later on, but you’ll continue to have intense cravings after you give birth. It’s smart to eat more than only junk food but remember that your job is to find your new balance in life. It’s OK sometimes to eat less-than-nutritious meals, even if it’s the third time in a row. Make sure you feel good afterward so you aren’t overeating, and you will find the harmony that comes with balance in your diet. 

4. Vitamins Help Most Health Concerns 

As you’re learning which foods you should and shouldn’t eat while you breastfeed or recover, you’ll come across tons of recommended vitamins. Vitamins are crucial for new moms so they pass them onto their babies, but how can you get them all in? 

Talk with your doctor about which vitamins you should focus on, then learn about vitamin treatments like supplements or IVs. If you can’t afford to restructure your daily diet with organic foods, medical professionals will make it easy to get everything you need and help your health. 

Vitamins can assist most health concerns, like boosting your immune system, healing your cells and strengthening your bones. Make sure your body absorbs the nutrients it needs to help you recover and get stronger every day. 

5. Simple Foods Are Great 

While you scroll through your social media feeds, you may see other new moms posting about the meals they made while their babies napped nearby. If you don’t have the energy, strength or desire to cook complicated recipes, don’t feel like you won’t get your nutritional needs in. 

Stick with simple foods, so everything’s as easy as possible. Precooked rotisserie chickens, packaged salads, sliced deli meat and smoothies can be just as good for you as made-from-scratch meals. Do what’s right for you according to your energy levels and what you prefer to eat. 

Talk With Your Doctor 

Before you make any large-scale changes to your daily meals and snacks, talk with your doctor about what’s best for your recovery. Adjustments in your diet, vitamin treatments and the occasional indulgence in cravings will help you thrive in your new life as a mom and help your baby at the same time. 

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