The Adventure That Will Make Your Soul Happy


Dear Woman,

You are enough. You are good enough, beautiful enough, imperfectly perfect enough.

Pay no attention to the messages out there that tell you you need to be doing more or better – or feeling crappy about any part of your being.

Tune it all out to the best of your ability, because I want you to listen to something else for a moment.

I want you to listen to yourself – to the voice inside that is trying to tell you something.

What’s going on in there?

That is the voice that matters. It’s the one that holds the key for you.

Because you will hear plenty from others about what you should (or shouldn’t) do or be or say. They will pass along sweeping judgments and uninvited criticisms, as they lay out their rules for fitting into the world.

But who gives a rat’s tail about fitting in? Who wants to contort and shrink and manipulate themselves into whatever poses that requires?

This is a chapter in your life – in your book. And what matters, beyond anything else, is how alive you feel.


And while I know that it’s hard to feel alive when you’re sleep-deprived, or dealing with tantrums, or acclimating to a new stage of parenting that seems to require nearly all of your attention, aliveness is the only true measure that you have.

All of the other measures are arbitrary.

So if you feel like most days are a sludge or you’re stuck with walls seemingly closing in around you, you need to stop what you’re doing – and pay attention.

Your soul – your being – needs an intervention.

It doesn’t care whether your child is the best behaved kid on the block, or how many likes you have on social media, or if you’re living up to the ego’s version of your potential.

What your soul wants is freedom – the freedom to express who you are in this world without apology, limits or the application of somebody else’s rules.

And so, I’ve dreamt up a little adventure – a brave-growing, life-expanding, soul-feeding challenge – for you. (And your soul.)

This is not a how-to, or must-do, or follow-these-instructions kind of thing. It’s simply a dare a week nudging you to leave the comfort of what-you’ve-been-doing – and take meaningful, reach-expanding, sometimes playful, often connecting and otherwise brave steps.

After all, it takes brave to tune out all of those other messages – and tend to your own becoming.

And because I know how precious your time and energy are, it’s wrapped up into a year of bite-sized dares.

You can do bite-sized (with the occasional gulp.)

So go on and gather your friends, or join the online community (because your soul needs connection, too).

And get your dares on.

With Love,
A fellow traveler and mom

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Erin Dullea, CPCC, ACC, is a professional life coach, writer and creator of the #52DareChallenge – a movement for women to grow their brave and expand their worlds. She is also a mother of three young children who teach her the true meaning of brave.



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