These Are the Best Companies for Working Moms in NYC

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Whether you’re a working momma looking to make a change, or you’re a SAHM thinking of returning to work, maneuvering the career boards can be daunting. Like close-the-job-boards-tab-and-do-some-Pinterest-instead, kind of daunting. It’s stressful enough trying to find the perfect career choice, but when you add a family to the mix, stress levels can grow monumentally.

Depending upon your reasons behind the move, there are several companies out there today that offer a much more mom-centric environment than others. There are so many angles to consider: do they offer personal or sick time I can use when the littlest is sick or has a “Muffins for Mom” day at school? Do they have an on-site daycare or offer daycare reimbursement? What does their maternity leave look like?

Before you go reaching for that paper bag to calm your thoughts (or bottle of wine – no judgments here), just breathe. From someone who’s gone through the search recently, I’ve taken the stress out of the research for you by compiling the Top 5 Best Companies for moms who are considering a career change (and bonus – it’s great reading material if you’ve already uncorked the wine):

#1: Deloitte: Audit, Consulting, Advisory and Tax Services

Deloitte Careers: New York
30 Rockefeller Plaza

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An auditing and tax giant of the consulting world, Deloitte is known for being highly progressive in terms of parental friendliness. The biggest attraction to the company (at least, in my opinion) is that according to online reports, over 95% of their employees telecommute.

Want to work from home so you can be with your tiny human longer? Telecommuting is a fantastic option and Deloitte is a huge supporter. They also offer the longest paid maternity leave in the area: a whopping 22 weeks average – paid. The tax business doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

#2: Ernst & Young, LLP: Assurance, Tax Advisory, Consulting

Ernst & Young Careers: New York
5 Times Square

ernst and young, careers, best companies for working moms, working mom, mother, baby, working
Another auditing and tax giant (if not the giant), Ernst & Young offers a phenomenal mom-friendly opportunity as well. While their average paid maternity leave is a bit shorter (16 weeks), they do offer time off for fathers and for adoptive care as well.

Looking for a company with daycare? They may not have an on-site facility, but their benefits package includes daycare backup expenses (and elder care too!) – that’s HUGE. You can send your mother-in-law and your tiny human to daycare as part of your benefits. Score.

#3: IBM: Global Technology Firm

IBM Careers: New York
590 Madison Avenue

IBM, careers, best companies for working moms, working mom, mother, baby, working

We’re pretty sure IBM needs no introduction, but for those who have had their head stuck in the ground since birth, IBM is pretty big in the computer and technology world. According to Working Mother magazine’s annual Top 100 list, IBM has consistently ranked in the top 10 mom-friendly workplaces for the past 30 years. How’s that for consistency?

They offer an impressive maternity leave package, mentoring programs for women, and they also have designated pumping rooms for moms who breastfeed. As if that weren’t enough, traveling moms – IBM will ship your breastmilk for you for free.

#4: Johnson & Johnson JLABS: Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices

Johnson & Johnson Careers: New York
New York Genome Center, 101 6th Avenue

Johnson and Johnson, jlab, careers, best companies for working moms, working mom, mother, baby, working
Another top contender, Johnson & Johnson (yes, like the baby shampoo) has also been on the list for over 3 decades. J&J has an impressive 45% women-run executive board and a 75% telecommuting rate, according to Working Mother.

What sets them apart? They offer not just medical benefits, but stipends to help cover up to $35,000 towards the cost of fertility treatments and up to $20,000 towards adoption costs, CNBC reports. How’s that for family friendly? Want more? They offer all the same benefits to same-sex couples with no discrimination as well. Boom.

#5: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP: Accounting, Auditing, Consulting, and Taxes

PwC Careers: New York
300 Madison Avenue

PwC, Careers, best companies for working moms, working mom, mother, baby, working
PwC offers a very competitive benefits package, similar to several others on the list. They offer 15 weeks paid for maternity leave and boast a 41% female executive wing. An impressive 100% of all women employed by PwC participate in career counseling and mentoring programs to boost success, ensuring women have the needed resources to climb the ladder.

If you have your sights set on furthering your education (or paying off what you have already racked up), PwC offers tuition assistance and payment plans as well. CNBC reports the consulting giant will dish out $5,250 per year on tuition and up to $7,200 per year (for up to 6 years) to help you make payments on school loans you already stockpiled. Ching!

It’s awesome to know there are companies making significant strides to support moms in the workforce and help truly give equal opportunities.

It all boils down to what you need. Do you need more time off to be home after giving birth? What about flexibility with your schedule to be able to handle family responsibilities as they come up? Take a look at what goals you hope to achieve and what your career needs are in terms of your family and keep those in mind before choosing the right career “home” for you. Happy job hunting!

Are you professional with a specific skillset, looking for a flexible job? View job openings posted by large and small companies, or families in our community, or advertise your services on the Mommybites Jobs Board.

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