Thoughts of Happiness – Inspired by Hurricane Sandy

I live in Manhattan. On the second night of no power after Hurricane Sandy had hit, we decided to pull out the Scrabble board and get our game on. At one point, a question about a rule came up, so I pulled out the Scrabble rule book to find out that something I thought was a rule, wasn’t. This led me to read all of the other rules, just as a refresher (as I am an avid Scrabble player). I came across one rule I had never read (nor seen) before. It went like this:

#10. Attitude: Keep in mind that anyone can beat anyone else with a certain amount of luck. Also remember that everyone draws poor combinations of tiles at times, so when you do, take pleasure in making the best play you can. Finally, don’t dwell on your mistakes. Everyone makes them, so go easy on yourself and just enjoy playing.


What an amazing rule to have not only in Scrabble, but also in life!

To me, there are four big takeaways from this rule that we could all benefit from applying to our daily lives:

  • Anyone can “beat” anyone else with a certain amount of luck. As Deepak Chopra says in his book (one of my all time faves!) The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: “Luck is when preparedness and opportunity come together.”  By realizing that when one is prepared and the right opportunity comes by—boom! Everything falls into place. Be open to the possibility of a certain amount of luck coming your way!
  • Take pleasure in making the best play you can. Even if you have a “poor combination of tiles” or a stroke of things not quite going your way—pick your head up, put on a positive attitude and take pleasure in making the best play you can. Or put another way: get out there and give it your best, no matter what.
  • Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Definitely not! Rather, remember my favorite mantra: I am always where I am supposed to be. Even if that some “where” isn’t exactly ideal—you are there, so focus on what you want to happen next and keep moving. When “mistakes” happen—learn what you can from them and then (this is a surefire turnaround) picture the best possible outcome and focus on it, see it happening and then just let it happen. What you focus your mind on comes to you—so focus on the best possible outcome and let it just make its way to you.
  • Go easy on yourself and just enjoy playing. Yes, you heard me (and the Scrabble people): go easy on yourself. You deserve it. Stop beating the drum of “why did I do that?” or “I’m disappointed in myself” or whatever other negative jingle you have running through your head and go easy on yourself.

And by all means—enjoy playing the game of life. Its an amazing thing, this life you have. And in the midst of such a devastating storm, it’s a better time than most to focus on all the wonderful things you have in your life and really, really focus on appreciating them.

I hope you and all your loved ones made it through the storm unscathed and dry and with love in your hearts.


Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and book author Aimee E. Raupp is a women’s health and fertility expert. Her growing practice focuses on improving health and beauty, preventing disease and increasing fertility among women whose health and wellness are challenged by the demands, stressors and imbalances of Western culture. Find her on Facebook and Twitter @aimeeraupp.

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