Should I Give My Kids Snacks?

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I see parents carry around snacks – lots of snacks for their kids. I don’t do that. I want my kids to eat their meals. Am I being too tough? Am I starving my kid?

There is nothing that sends some folks into high gear like their child saying, “I’m HUNGRY!” I am in no way saying to ignore a child’s words, but put things into perspective. Is lunch 20 minutes away? Is dinner on the table in 30? Has she eaten in the last hour or so? If the answer is YES, then perhaps a snack can be put on hold, nixed, or made light and healthy.

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If a child is REALLY hungry, how about a fruit or vegetable choice? If one is hungry, truly hungry, one will eat almost anything presented. Do be aware and respectful of foods that your child dislikes – we all have those. I keep trying ‘em, but I just do not like blueberries, though I will snack on strawberries any day. We are, in general, a country of over-snackers. WE over snack. We over snack our kids, and snack them up with carbs.

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We should all go into a meal at least a little hungry. So no, you are not being too tough. If your child is really hungry, grab a small, light snack. Carrots, banana, a small bit of dried fruits, apples (you can put a rubber-band around a cut apple to keep it from turning brown) are all portable and healthy picks. A fruit kabob or fruit salad is always a hit. I know many small friends who like berries. Keep the snacking to a minimum, and you may be surprised at the new foods that your child might try at a meal.

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