The Importance of Clean Water for Your Family

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Water is a universal symbol of birth, purity, and fertility; it is square one for life on this planet. From the oceans to our bodies, water is essential to our existence and survival.

Our bodies are 60 percent water – making it essential to our health and vitality. It is the most necessary component for bodily functions such as digestion and removal of toxins and is responsible for keeping our energy levels high. The abundance and quality of our water should be a top priority.

Working closely with so many parents, I know first-hand that you all want the best for your children, so when I begin with a new family, I always ask about their water supply. There are many factors that can contaminate our water supply which can negatively affect the body’s health, so understanding where water toxicity comes from and how to prevent it will allow you to make the best choice for optimum health.

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Which Toxins in Water to Look Our For

When researching the importance of clean water, often one article will directly contradict the next. There are many differing opinions about the chemicals in plastic water bottles. Additionally, there’s been a lot of confusion about water filters and how necessary they are – is tap water safe without a filtration system? I am here to help make it clear and easy.

A three-year study conducted by the Environmental Working Group found 316 chemicals and metals in our water. These toxins were found in our water supply throughout the United States and even in some bottled water. These toxins disrupt the natural function of the body. This toxin intake has been linked to the disruption of our body’s hormones, immune function, and nervous system function, as well as causing reproductive issues.

Below is a list of some of the primary toxins that can be found in our water supply:

  • Roundup: An herbicide used in farming that runs into our water stream
  • Lead: Found in old piping, it affects the nervous system and brain function
  • Chlorine: Added intentionally to water to kill bacteria that affects the body’s lymph system – the very system that supports the removal toxins
  • Plastic: Leaches chemicals into our water that affect hormonal balance
  • Fluoride: A neurotoxin that affects the brain, intentionally added to water for dental health

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Water Filtering Options

Understanding that these toxins wreak havoc on the cells of our body, we can prevent this toxic overload by filtering out these substances. There are many options out there, but here are my top three choices for filtration. This list is affordable and removes most of these nasty chemicals:

We understand that while being on the go, it’s not always easy to have filtered water, but here are a few of the best bottled water brands that I recommend based on the filtration and bottle type.

  1. Mountain Valley Spring (glass bottle)
  2. Voss Water (glass bottle)
  3. Fiji water (plastic bottle)
  4. Volvic (plastic bottle)

I take this information with me to support the families I work with on their own healing journeys. Wellness is the accumulation of all the little decisions we make every day, and I hope this empowers you to take the wellness of you and your family in your hands!

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Addison Landry is a sought-after Energetic Nutritionist and whole-food chef with 5 years of high profile nanny experience. She values working closely with families to use nutrition and healing practices to allow well-being to flourish. Find her on Instagram at @wellnesswithaddison_

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