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Baby Nurse Listings

Looking for a baby nurse?

Due to popular demand babybites is thrilled to bring you our new baby nurse listings.  Just like our popular, hugely successful nanny board and babysitter board, these baby nurses come highly recommended and can only be posted by current or previous employers.

Want to post a baby nurse?  Follow these easy directions:

1)  Email [email protected] with the following information:  1) baby nurse’s name 2) baby nurse’s phone 3)  desired working locations 5) your name  6) your phone  7) comment about baby nurse  (85 words or less)

2) Please pay the $25 processing fee by clicking on the yellow “Buy Now” button below

3) Your baby nurse, if approved, will be posted within 3 business days and will remain on our baby nurse board for one month.

Please note that babybites does not recommend, endorse, pre-screen, interview, or approve any of the babysitters, care providers, listings for babysitters or care providers, and information related thereto, which appear on the website, and make no warranties and/or representations as to the quality, safety, truth, or accuracy of the listings and information which appear on this website. The babybites website is meant only as an information source. babybites is not involved in any transactions related to the hiring of babysitters or care providers. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly interview and screen all babysitters or care providers.


  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Christine
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone:917-575-4488
  • Desired Working Location: NYC area
  • Reference: Margaret
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-519-9742
  • Reference’s Comment: Christine was my nanny for 3.5 years and we only parted ways because I decided to stay at home. She started when my daughter was 8 weeks old and extremely colicky. She saw us through that time and helped set my daughter’s sleep schedule. She also saw me through the birth of my son. She’s infant cpr certified, is a certified baby nurse and she’s open to 24/7 shifts. Christine is incredibly nurturing. She is always sunny and funny and she is like an aunt to both my children. She really embraces a family with her entire heart and does a great job at helping new moms with those harried first weeks of motherhood.
  • Posted: 9/21/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Cecilia Humphrey
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 917-345-1575
  • Desired Working Location: Will work nationwide
  • Reference: Beth
  • Reference’s Phone: 973-635-1033
  • Reference’s Comment: This baby nurse has been a pleasure to work with.  She helped us get our son on a schedule and is very helpful with breastfeeding issues.  She has decades of experience with singletons and multiples.  She is great for the 1st time mom and easily explains everything you could possibly want to know.  She is warm, loving and has a great sense of humor which makes her a great asset at such a difficult yet special time in your life.  She lives in NYC, but is available to travel to any location.
  • Posted: 9/18/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Glenora Reid
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 973 342 3361
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, New Jersey
  • Reference: Dessa
  • Reference’s Phone: 646 240 4997
  • Reference’s Comment: Glenora spent almost 2 months taking care of our baby son Dejan (from 8 weeks to his 4 month birthday) when we first moved to the city from the UK. She was an absolutely incredible baby nurse, energetic, hard working and wonderfully affectionate and caring towards our son. Dejan suffers from quite severe acid reflux which made feeding/sleeping a challenge and Glenora was infinitely patient with Dejan throughout the night to make him comfortable and ensure he was getting sufficient nutrition. Glenora took care of all aspects of caring for Dejan from the evenings until mornings including bathing, feeding, changing him and doing his laundry. I cannot recommend her enough- she made a stressful and challenging time so much better for our family and helped us to really enjoy our baby.We also had lots of laughs together and enjoyed having her in our home. Glenora is available for 12 hour shifts and we would be delighted to speak with you if you have any questions or would like to know more about her.
  • Posted: 8/23/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Katie
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 917-573-5900
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
  • Reference: Ariana
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-626-0707
  • Reference’s Comment: There simply isn’t anyone better than Katie, so you would be lucky to have her as part of your family. She’s caring and sweet but also really smart and knowledgeable with regard to babies and anything that may arise. She’s worked with newborns since 2004, has taken care of about 20 sets of newborns (twins!) between 0-6 months of age, and has gotten all her babies to sleep through the night by 14-16 weeks max. She’s very flexible with # of days, hours, etc. Many great references available!
  • Posted: 8/20/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Annette
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 347-598-8557
  • Desired Working Location: NYC, Westchester, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, also open to travel to West Coast
  • Reference: Shana
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-533-7462
  • Reference’s Comment: We met with a lot of baby nurses and in the end found Annette to be the most responsible and flexible. She left a vacation early in anticipation of the baby’s birth. My hospital stay however was extended due to an emergency C-section. But the fact that she did that spoke volumes for us. She was easy to get along with, took her job seriously, loves children and didn’t impose her opinions on parenting. We invited her to babysit several times after her initial stay with us. We would definitely recommend her.
  • Posted: 8/15/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Betty Bowen
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 646-610-3232
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester
  • Reference: Julie
  • Reference’s Phone: 617-513-8385
  • Reference’s Comment: Betty is a wonderful, loving, and very patient baby nurse with over 15 years experience. She has a warmth to her that is so welcomed by any new mother. Her knowledge is exceptional and she is amazing at getting your baby on schedule.  I can easily reccomend her as can the other families before me that would be happy to share their experiences as well.
  • Posted: 7/28/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Josette
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 646-648-0820
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn
  • Reference: Kate
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-945-6584
  • Reference’s Comment: Josette has years of experience as a baby nurse and nanny.  She is CPR and First Aid trained.  She has experience with special needs children, multiples and preemies.  She is very supportive of breastfeeding but will respect any mother’s decisions.  She is honest, trustworthy and dependable.  She has worked for me for over a year and has many other recommendations from other families.
  • Posted: 7/24/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Irita
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 347-751-9032
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, New Jersey, Long Island
  • Reference: Sarah
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-647-7598
  • Reference’s Comment: Irita came to work with us as a night nurse when my daughter was three days old – as first-time parents, she provided so much help in learning how to care for an infant and how to begin setting up healthy sleep habits (our daughter started sleeping through the night at 2.5 months).  She was professional, punctual, trustworthy and was very easy to have in our home for the 3 months she was our night nurse. My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend her – we loved her so much, we begged her to transition to our nanny (which she did) and we’ve been very happy with her, but now are leaving the area, so would like to help her find a new position.
  • Posted: 7/13/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Celia James
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 917-971-0234
  • Desired Working Location: Tri-state Area
  • Reference: Navida
  • Reference’s Phone: 917-972-5984
  • Reference’s Comment: Celia is an invaluable baby nurse. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for newborns, preemies and twins. She is always calm and cheerful, caring and loving towards baby, and helpful to parents. She has lots of useful advice but is very respectful of whatever parenting choices you make for your child. She is reliable and trustworthy, and a pleasure to have in the home. Please call me with any questions.
  • Posted: 7/5/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Arlene
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 347-678-7125
  • Desired Working Location: All
  • Reference: Katherine
  • Reference’s Phone: 646-245-6981
  • Reference’s Comment: My babynurse, Arlene, is a GEM!!! Currently accepting bookings for October and beyond. If you need a babynurse, you should call her ASAP for an interview.  Arlene is educated, calm and BEYOND knowledgeable about newborns.  She has been a nurse for over 57 sets of multiples.  She has taken courses in infant massage, breastfeeding, sleep training etc.  Arlene is an excellent communicator and respectful regarding how parents ultimately choose to approach feeding& sleeping issues. Please email me or contact Arlene [email protected] 347-678-7125.
  • Posted: 7/2/2011

  • Baby Nurse’s Name: Glenora Reid
  • Baby Nurse’s Phone: 973-494-5675 (home) 973-342-3361 (cell)
  • Desired Working Location: Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey
  • Reference: Jennifer Schiefelbein
  • Reference’s Phone: 973-744-1268
  • Reference’s Comment: Glenora worked nights for us from Jan – Feb 2011 caring for our newborn preemie twins.  She was very trustworthy and caring and instantly bonded with our babies.  She bathed, fed, changed them, and did their laundry.  She was knowledgeable about breastfeeding and circumcision care.  She helped make the transition to parenthood a little bit easier and was a pleasure to have in our home.
  • Posted: 7/2/2011

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