8 Awesome At-Home Prenatal Workouts

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Being pregnant during a pandemic is no picnic. There’s the stress of carrying a baby as you’re navigating a brave new world of quarantine. But there’s also a sudden lack of exercise options with gyms and yoga and pilates studios shut down. So it’s time to turn to at-home workouts. YouTube is one great place to find a ton of free content, and we’ve rounded up eight great workouts to do when you’re expecting a bundle of joy.

Just be sure to consult with your physician and/or OB-GYN before starting any new exercise routines. And, of course, listen to your body. Take Breaks. Make modifications as needed. And drink plenty of water.

Prenatal Calf Shredder Workout by GlowBodyPT

This 10-minute workout focuses primarily on your legs, which have to be strong as your body grows and gets used to carrying around more weight! Ashley Keller’s GlowBodyPT YouTube channel is full of tips and tricks for feeling your best, including stretches, recipes, motivating chats, and personal stories.

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Bump’n Body Prenatal Workout by Tone It Up!

Set aside a solid 30 minutes to tackle this full-body workout. You’ll be doing everything from lunges to floor work to dumbbell work. Some of the moves will even help your posture. And be sure to flag the YouTube channel for a few months postpartum when you’re ready to dive into a new workout routine.

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6-Minute Pregnancy Workout with Blogilates

If you’re short on time, a series of simple maneuvers like this can be a good way to start the day without eating up too much of your day. Aim to do it most days of the week, and you’ll be feeling good throughout the trimesters!

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25-Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout by Niki Sky

Lifestyle YouTube personality Niki Sky covers everything from fashion and beauty to life with a baby. In this video, her own mom makes an appearance as a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. All you need is a chair and perhaps a yoga mat or floor towel to do this pregnancy-safe workout. All moves are intended to maintain good muscle memory, so you can stay strong throughout your pregnancy.

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15-Minute Low Impact HIIT Cardio Workout by nourishmomlove

If you’re looking for a bare-bones workout that will get the job done, this is your video. Rest assured, there is no frenetic jumping around, but it’s high intensity for sure. nourishmomlove’s YouTube Channel.

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20-Minute Prenatal Core Workout by FIT by Larie

For women in their first and second trimester, a core workout may be just the ticket to feeling good in your growing body. This video gives your abs the full attention they deserve without risking injury or diastasis recti. FIT by Larie’s YouTube channel.

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Workout – Low Impact Cardio at Home by growwithjo

It’s important to move as much as you’re comfortable doing throughout your pregnancy, and this 13-minute video comprising of seven challenging exercises will have you moving through the very end. It’s incredibly easy to follow with frequent breaks, a countdown clock, and a preview of the next move between each set. growwithjo’s YouTube channel.

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Prenatal Stretch Workout by BodyFit By Amy

Some deep stretching will not only feel good, but it can be great preparation for labor and delivery. This series will help you relax, relieve pain and tightness, and give your body 8 solid minutes to get a bit looser. BodyFit By Amy’s YouTube channel.

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