Preparing to Have a Baby: A Basic Guide for Moms-To-Be

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If you are expecting your first baby in the near future, you may be excited about the prospect of meeting your child for the first time. Many expectant mothers also have numerous fears and anxieties. These may relate to the general fear of venturing into new territory, while also being responsible for the care and security of a completely dependent child. This prospect can be nerve-racking, and you may have many stress-filled days and nights as you anticipate all of the possible scenarios for which you are simply are not prepared. However, there are a few steps that you can take to help you step more confidently into the role of a new mom.

Educate Yourself

There is a seemingly endless supply of books and websites – like – which can give you details on the subject of parenting and child-bearing. There are also articles, blogs, videos, classes and seminars all available to help you learn more about this topic.

It is important to view parenting in stages. While you may be stressed about how you will deal with a toddler who bites or a teenager who talks back, the fact is that you will initially simply need to focus on tactics for getting your newborn to sleep and how to breastfeed. Keep in mind that you can educate yourself on different topics as you go, and new parents do not need to be experts on teenagers from day one.

Your OBGYN will be a great resource to use regarding maternal medicine. This is especially important to be aware of just in case you have any kind of health or physical complications during your pregnancy.

Build a Support Network

While your personal efforts are important, you should also try to develop a support network that you can draw from. After all, you may already know dozens of parents who have been in the trenches already, and they are a great resource for real-life tips and advice.

If you cannot get your baby to sleep at night, or if your little one has the sniffles and you are worried about his breathing, it can ease your mind to simply pick up the phone and ask someone who has been there.

Get Help

The first few days of parenting can be the most emotionally and physically draining. You will be recovering from childbirth, which is no simple feat in itself. At the same time, you will be adjusting to becoming a parent and trying to learn how to care for your little one. Some new parents enjoy being alone during these first few days or weeks, but you may find it helpful to at least have the extra set of hands from a loving family member to assist you so that you can get some sleep, wash the dishes or complete other tasks during the transition.

Becoming a mother may be one of the best experiences of your life, but the weeks and months leading up to the birth of your child can be stressful. By following these tips, you can prepare yourself to step into this role with confidence.

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