What My “Fit” Looks Like

by Elise Jones, blog editor

I grew up in a very athletic family and part of the country. It was common for me to move from one sport to the next with little to no break between them. I continued this pattern all the way through college and stopped once I entered the NYC’s corporate America. It just didn’t fit into my lifestyle and yes, my lifestyle now included eating out, traveling, and entertaining clients; this made for very long “working” hours. What little free time I had, I spent it sleeping or wondering the vast city with my friends.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t “fit” (at least in my mind). I somehow managed to adapt my diet with no formal plan or professional opinion. I ate smaller portions, made healthier choices, and choose better snacks and drinks. No, I couldn’t run a 5K, but yes I could walk 40 NYC blocks (probably in some ridiculous shoes too). My self image didn’t suffer and I found it was one less thing I stressed about. In fact, thinking back to that time, I remember thinking what a waste it was for me to spend time exercising. I was leading a healthy lifestyle, albeit not a conventional healthy lifestyle.

Then along came the two kiddos. The walking/eating regimen of the past didn’t seem to cut it anymore. In fact, after getting through breastfeeding my second child, my body didn’t rebound the same way as it did the first time. I joined a gym but found the babysitting situation to be unbearable for me. Plus I just don’t like to train by myself. I tried to run with a stroller but that wasn’t my style either. I even tried that P90X DVD and menu plan (cue late night infomercial); it didn’t cut it for me. It wasn’t until my friend recommended I go with her to a Bar Method class that I actually became excited about being active again. For me, the camaraderie, the style of exercise, the tempo, the setting and most importantly the results all made me look forward to being fit again. Additionally, I found my diet changed due to my new activity level. I also got excited about trying out some new recipes from the cool finds I get at my local farmer’s market and Mark Bittman’s 101 series (New York Times food columnist). All in all, I think being fit requires a certain level of individual buy-in as well as some external motivation in order to be successful.

What do you think? Also have you shared what makes you feel healthy and fit?

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