Mindful Parenting: Momcast Re-cap

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OM… is that a word chanted in your home?

Probably not. Your home may be filled with yelling, stress and many challenging situations. Life with kids provides its share of ups and downs, but Namaste New York is here to help guide you towards a mindful lifestyle.

Clinical Social Worker and Co-Founder of Namaste New York, Julie Wald, opened our eyes to the importance of mindfulness, wellness, and how to optimize our daily lives. As a mother of 3, Julie combines her background of social work, yoga and meditation teacher and reiki master to guide her clients in self-care to help them feel good in both body and mind.

In our latest Momcast, Julie gave us many tips for bringing mindfulness into our homes – ranging from the importance of unplugging, exercising, meditation and maintaining a realistic calendar.

In case you missed it, you can listen to the re-play of the Momcast here.

Julie covered topics such as balancing the demands of motherhood and work, mindful actions for the entire family and the impact mindfulness plays on children as they grow and develop.

Should you be considering taking a step towards a more mindful existence, Julie would love to help support you with the following resources:


Thrive Global Pieces by Julie:

Motherhood and Mindfulness Blogs by Julie:

Other research and inspiration

Creating a space for meditation help actualize the intention


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